A few years ago, Margie Hernandez ran for Honorary Mayor of Wilmington as Rotary's candidate.  Upon election, she decided that she wanted to do something with her found fame and decided to create a Fiesta for Wilmington which is known as the Heart of the Harbor.  That being said, "Fiesta Corazon Del Puerto" was born.

This weekend will be the 4th Annual Fiesta and it will be held at Bayview Field located at Harry Bridges Blvd. and Neptune Avenue.  As always, we will have a booth at the Fiesta so that we may share our story on how we, as an organization, "Make Dreams Real."

If you have not yet signed up tp volunteer at the Rotary Booth, please contact President Sergio at sergioc@ek-ek.com to sign up.  There will be GREAT entertainment all weekend and it promised to be a lot of fun.

Remember, we are only in week 2 of the new Rotary year.  If you have missed a meeting, you can still have perfect attendance by making up at the Fiesta!  How better to make up while listening to great entertainment and doing some good work while doing it.

Kudos to Margie and the Fiesta Committee for a job well done!!!